About Michelle McGrath and Associates

Michelle McGrath and Associates travels nationwide specializing in executive, corporate, and personal protection, as well as armed protection and crisis intervention. Aside from conducting surveillance and counter-surveillance operations and locating and interviewing potential witnesses, Michelle McGrath & Associates trains and supervises sensitive undercover operations.

The professionals at Michelle McGrath and Associates conduct all manners of investigative work including legal, corporate, and financial due diligence. They work with your in-house security team, law enforcement or legal counsel to reduce corporate losses.

Threats and violence, sexual harassment and discrimination are now commonplace in any organization, especially during or after a period of layoffs. Their team has had a great deal of experience in assessing and responding to such threats as they occur.

Facial shot Michelle L. Tricarico, CPP, PPS

Prior to establishing Michelle McGrath & Associates in 2005, Michelle worked as a Senior Investigator at Vance International – a worldwide investigative / risk management firm beginning in 1998. Ms. Tricarico developed a prominent reputation for her expertise in investigations of internal theft, fraud, drug distribution, and sexual harassment. Ms. Tricarico also conducted several lengthy undercover investigations in a variety of corporate wholesale, retail, and warehouse settings.

Ms. Tricarico spearheaded the undercover operations, surveillance investigations, and protection details at Vance. In addition to overseeing and coordinating countless confidential cases, her responsibilities included training and supervising undercover operatives for sensitive covert assignments for high-profile corporate and retail clients. Prior to joining Vance, Ms. Tricarico operated her own investigations firm specializing in background investigations, surveillance, and undercover assignments.

Presently, the demand for Ms. Tricarico’s expertise in the area of executive and/or personal protection, require her to frequently travel coast-to-coast for high-level assignments. Ms. Tricarico also serves as a consultant on risk management practices for corporate executives and is trained to conduct advance site preparations, risk mitigation, venue assessments, on-site security practices, self-defense, and management of aggressive behavior.

Ms. Tricarico studied criminal justice at Northeastern University and continuously supplements her background with pertinent courses in the Security / Investigative field including Reed and Wicklander / Zulawski Interview and Interrogation Courses, The Dale Carnegie Training Course, Executive Protection Institute, Vance Executive Protection, and Advance Driving & Security Training. Ms. Tricarico is a licensed Private Investigator, licensed to carry firearms in 36 states, and is EMT, CPR, AED, first aid, and self-defense trained. She is a member of the Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts and the Nine Lives Associates.