Michelle McGrath and Associates travels nationwide specializing in executive, corporate, and personal protection, as well as armed protection and crisis intervention. Aside from conducting surveillance and counter-surveillance operations and locating and interviewing potential witnesses, Michelle McGrath & Associates trains and supervises sensitive undercover operations.

Self Defense Workshops

Women’s Personal Protection and Situational Awareness Seminars
Designed for Mothers and Wives, Single Women, High School and College Women

A woman is assaulted approximately every two minutes in this country alone. Choose not to be a victim!

Personal Protection Specialist and Executive Protection agent Michelle Tricarico not only provide educational opportunity for women, but “hands on” offensive and defensive techniques as well as demonstrations.

Workshops Cover:

  • The dangerous mistakes people make getting to and from their vehicle
  • Personal safety in and around the home and out in public
  • Active Shooter response/ violence in the workplace/ women at risk
  • Child predators and how they prey on children and mothers
  • Understanding when and how attacks happen. This is the first step in preventing an attack and or an unwanted approach.
  • Criminal trends against women i.e. sexual assault, date rape
  • If and when defending yourself becomes necessary, the seminar will demonstrate some nasty and very effective techniques to stop an attack quickly.
  • What to use as a weapon when a conventional weapon is not available.

Fore more information, contact Michelle McGrath at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Protection Services

210125 Personal ProtectionMichelle McGrath and Associates has a nationwide group from which they choose their protective agents. All professional agents are highly trained and qualified for your particular situation. Michelle McGrath and Associates custom fits each client with an agent who they feel will be most compatible with your venue.

  • Development and implementation of standard operating procedures for new or existing security details
  • Executive protective services for special events
  • Personal protective services for families
  • Witness protection for both court and deposition appearances

The professionals at Michelle McGrath and Associates have undertaken rigorous training in logistics and protection operations, emergency medical response, surveillance recognition, and evasive driving.

Executive Protection Specialists

Our personnel have extensive training and experience in corporate executive protection, advance and support services, special event security, risk and threat assessments, travel security, site security surveys, workplace violence mitigation, TSCM (Electronic eavesdropping detection), asset in transit security, and workforce reduction assistance, and safe room design and construction.

  • CEO’s of fortune 100 global organizations
  • Former White House Cabinet member
  • Civil Rights Organizations 
  • Hollywood movie stars
  • At-risk Physicians
  • Land disputes for property owners
  • Black-Tie/ Corporate & Special events
  • Plant closure/security consultant for company layoff
  • Company management protection
  • Stalker victims

Self Defense

McGrath and Associates offer Self Defense training and are frequently invited to provide hands-on instruction in seminars around the country. 

Global Travel Security Services

210125 montage 0007 Layer 4MMA's experience with foreign and domestic security travel management spans more than 15 years. MMA has established contacts with reliable and vetted support services in Dubai, Portugal, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. MMA understands the need for discretion and the ability to ensure a safe business travel environment without being intrusive to the client. With constant monitoring of travel and threat data of real-time information from DHS, TSA and local officials, MMA's devoted team of professionals can provide employers and business owners with peace of mind, keeping them safe and protected at a reasonable cost.

All MMA security personnel are experienced Executive Protection Specialists with more than 100 years of combined experience in close personal protection and risk management. Contact us for more information on security travel management.