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Women’s Personal Protection and Situational Awareness Seminars
Designed for Mothers and Wives, Single Women, High School and College Women

A woman is assaulted approximately every two minutes in this country alone. Choose not to be a victim!

Personal Protection Specialist and Executive Protection agent Michelle Tricarico not only provide educational opportunity for women, but “hands on” offensive and defensive techniques as well as demonstrations.

Workshops Cover:

  • The dangerous mistakes people make getting to and from their vehicle
  • Personal safety in and around the home and out in public
  • Active Shooter response/ violence in the workplace/ women at risk
  • Child predators and how they prey on children and mothers
  • Understanding when and how attacks happen. This is the first step in preventing an attack and or an unwanted approach.
  • Criminal trends against women i.e. sexual assault, date rape
  • If and when defending yourself becomes necessary, the seminar will demonstrate some nasty and very effective techniques to stop an attack quickly.
  • What to use as a weapon when a conventional weapon is not available.

Fore more information, contact Michelle McGrath at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..